Q. How can I make an order on your website?

Placing an order on Mesmerize Kenya is very easy. View our How To Order page and get clear step by step instructions.

Q. What time will my order be delivered?

For same day deliveries (applicable to Nairobi only), we will deliver your items within 2 to 3 hours after you have completed your order. That means you have completed the order on our site and made a full payment for it including delivery fees. For deliveries outside Nairobi, we do next day delivery via Fargo Courier. Their delivery timelines are between 9 am and 4 pm. 

Q: Can I specify the time of delivery?

We will do our best to meet your delivery requirements. Let us know what you are looking for in special instructions when ordering online or over the phone. It is not practical to specify an exact time however before 3PM for Same day delivery. Sometimes weather, short notice and location can make your request not possible but we will make every effort to make you happy with prompt delivery. During busy holiday times it is very difficult and unlikely that we can meet requests for timed deliveries. We will do our best but it is simply not practical as the volume of orders does not allow for that type of service many times.

Q. How will I know if my order has been delivered?

We will send you an email once your delivery is dispatched from our premises. In case of any inquiries or problems regarding your delivery, contact our logistics team at +254 739 901 359 or 0702 045 801. Ensure you have your order number ready to make it easier for our logistics team to assist you.

Q. How will I know if my order is ready if I selected Pick from Office?

Once your order is ready for pick up, you will receive a call/text from our team informing you when you can pick up your order.

Q. Will My Order Be Delivered With a Receipt?

As we are a gifting company, we do not deliver packages with receipts. Once payment is made, the receipt is sent to the email address that is included on the order.

When making a delivery, we send out riders with a delivery note which contains the details of the recipient and the items in the package to ensure they deliver the correct package to the recipient. The prices of the items are not included on the delivery note.

Q. How can I get discounts or coupons?

The best way to know about our offers, discounts and sales is to sign up for our newsletter. You can do so at the bottom of our homepage or when entering your contact information for your order, we will ask you if you want to be kept up to date on news and exclusive offers. Check the box to allow us to do so.

Q. How can I get a receipt when I order online?

An invoice will be sent to your email address once you complete your order. The invoice serves as the receipt. You can leave it in your email or print it out if you want to keep records.

Q. Can I make an order through phone or do I need to order on the website?

We strongly advise that you familiarize yourself with placing an order on the website. Call or WhatsApp us on +254 702 045 801 or +254 739 901 359 Why? During peak days such as Valentines, Mother’s Day,  Christmas and other holidays, we are not able to take orders on phone due to the large number of orders we process and our phones lines may be jammed. We would not want you to miss out on your favorite items during such times.

Q. Can I send an order anonymously?

Yes, you can. As you place your order, you can request that we do not disclose your details to the recipient. However, we strongly advise that you provide your name on our complimentary cards or directly inform the recipient since most people would like to know who sent them such lovely flowers or gifts. It also saves them from much distress.

Q. Why are some card messages printed while others are handwritten?

We have complementary cards for your order in case you want to add a card message. The complementary cards are printed with the message of your choice. However, for other cards that are bought, we are not be able to print them hence, the message will be handwritten. You can be guaranteed that the writing will be beautiful, well written and easy to read. 

Q. Will the flowers and gifts I order look exactly like what I see on the website?

We strive to provide you with the exact flower arrangement you see on our website. However, there are times we may need to change the arrangement according to the availability of flowers but we still maintain the same quality of flowers. Please note that we will contact you for approval before we make any substitutions. This applies for both flowers or any other gift items.

Q. Can I specify when I want my delivery to be done?

Yes, you can. For standard deliveries, it may not be possible to specify an exact time of delivery. However, you can specify if you want your order to be delivered during the morning hours or during the afternoon hours.

We have an expedited delivery option where we dedicate one rider to deliver your order at the exact specified time at an extra cost of Ksh.1000.

Q. What if I am not satisfied? 

Your complete satisfaction is our goal. If you are not satisfied with florist shop’s service for any reason, feel free to contact us. We will either refund your money or redeliver a new product. The choice is yours. Refunds are returned to the payment method on your original purchase and typically take 24 to 72 hours. We are available to help you with any issue that may come up. Please give us a call at 0702 045801 so we may personally help resolve any issue. Kindly note we will also pick up the previous products.

Q. What if the recipient is not at the specified location?

If the recipient is not at the specified address, we will call you at the billing information you gave us to find out the exact location of the recipient so that we can re-route our rider.

Q. What do I need to know about ordering personalized items?

Personalized items require at least one working day. If you order a personalized item today, you will receive it tomorrow. Before we can personalize an item, we will send you an artwork for approval. The sooner you approve the artwork the earlier we can deliver your personalized item. Kindly ensure you have given us feedback on the artwork before we close at 5 pm. Late approvals may cause your delivery to be delayed the next day. Once you have approved the artwork and an item has been personalized, we are not able to change the artwork unless you place another order.

Q. Do you deliver on Sundays?

No. We are closed on Sundays.

Q. How soon will my delivery be done if it is out of Nairobi Environs?

We do next day delivery for orders outside Nairobi at an extra charge as per location.We dispatch deliveries outside Nairobi a day earlier via the Fargo Courier team. Your delivery will be done between 9 am and 4 pm. Kindly note that we are not able to influence their delivery timelines. 

Our Logistics team will send you the tracking number for your order to make it easier to follow up with the Fargo Courier team regarding your delivery.

Q. Can I trust Mesmerize Kenya with my money?

Yes, you can. When you make full payment for your order we will ensure we deliver your flowers or gifts in a timely manner and in good condition anywhere in Kenya. We are trusted by our customers in Kenya. 

Q. Do you have a shop I can visit and purchase flowers or other gifts?

No, we do not. We are purely an online store. However, if you would like a closer look of the items you intend to buy we can plan for a visit.

Q. Can I pay on delivery?

Unfortunately, we do not accept payment on delivery. You are required to make full payments for your order as well as delivery fee before we can dispatch your order. If you would like to see how your order has been packaged, make a request through our customer service numbers +254 702 045 801 or +254 739 901 359 and photos will be sent to you before the items are dispatched for delivery.

Q: Can I order by phone rather than through the website?

Of course, you can. Our website is dedicated to providing shoppers with the opportunity to send flowers and gifts anywhere with 24/7 convenience. But, if you would prefer to order by phone, all you have to do is call +254 739 901 359 or 0702 045 801

Q: Will the arrangement I order look exactly as the online picture?

There are times when it becomes necessary to substitute flowers in arrangements due to a lack of supplied availability. We do strive to maintain the value and integrity of every arrangement ordered, with particular attention paid to colour scheme and premium flower components. When it is necessary to substitute, we will only use the same quality replacements that you would have expected in the original flowers. 

Q:What if the recipient is not home?

If no one is available to receive the arrangement, we will sometimes leave the arrangement as per instructions of called recipient or we may have to contact the recipient to let them know of the delivery attempt and to see when the best time of delivery would be. If we do not hear back from the recipient, we will automatically schedule the re-delivery for the following day.

Q. Can I still change my order?

Unfortunately, altering your order after purchase is limited. If you want to alter or cancel your order, please write us an email with your order number and the desired change latest 60 minutes after the initial purchase via info@mesmerizekenya.com Please ensure you capture change of order in the title and order number

Q. Can I Make A Large Order?

We are happy to hear about your request or idea via info@mesmerizekenya.com  or  call +254 739 901 359 or 0702 045 801